Windows 11

With the new upcoming Windows 11 we are in for a vibrancy all of the place, except for Xojo compiled apps. They will look outdated for sure. Darn …
We really need Xojo to step up from only supporting Win32. :-/

FWW I really like the new Windows11 GUI. Closely to macOS.

i can’t wait to see the stupidness they build into this “new” os version :exploding_head:


I am excited to see what the new operating system looks like and the official changes. :slight_smile:

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You mean I’ll need to get stronger sunglasses?

As it is, when I install Windows in a VM for testing only, I spend an hour or so toning it down and stopping all the flashing stuff and micro-popups everywhere that purport to give me useful information, but which in fact just get in the way.

  • The refresh of the user interface is welcome. A bit too Mac-like for my taste, but that can be fixed. :wink:
  • It comes loaded with even more Xbox bloatware cr*p than Windows 10. Hopefully my Powershell scripts to remove it will still work.
  • Apparently, it is faster than Windows 10: the user interface is more snappy and benchmarks are better for the same hardware. Promising. Let’s wait for the RTM benchmark results to get excited.
  • Windows 11 supports Android applications. Could this be a convenient testbed for in-development android applications? Now, let’s write them! Ahem… let’s wait, we will write them soon. :wink:

I think it is more like an improved the return of windows Aero from windows 7.

Well, the Xbox it is whole level where you can play actual Xbox game, but it is suposed to be a modular design where the Xbox subsystem can be uninstalled.

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

This might be dying problem, since MS has project going on where all new Windows Tech will be accessible from Any Windows API, including Win32.

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I see a plugin opportunity :wink:

I see the possibility of more UI tech debit for Xojo.

By the way, Nadella has delivered a punch to the Apple Walled Garden stomach. Win 11 and its store, don’t care about which payment platform, you, the creator, wants to use.

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I believe the Microsoft terminology is “Translucency” or “Translucent”. “Vibrancy” is Mac only.

When macOS started using vibrancy, most apps did not support it.

Likewise, translucency for Windows can already be achieved by declares under Windows 10, and I have no doubts Christian will rapidly offer a way to obtain that rendition with plugins.

For the record, translucency appeared back with Vista. Nothing really new.

If anyone had asked me over the last 6 years what is the most urgent change needing to be made to Windows, my #1 choice would definitely have been moving the Start menu from the left side to the center of the screen. Sheer genius!



Win 11 will be 64 bit only.

If you, or your clients, by any chance, have some kind of 32 bit processor, you are out.

And yes, besides that, the OS will still run 32 bit code on the WOW64 layer as always.

Also, currently it needs TPM 2.0, WDDM 2.0 Graphics driver, and a 720p Display minimum.

His short video was entirely content-free.

Very much like macOS :slight_smile:

Well, windows will support 32 bit apps, macOS does not…


If it supports 32-bit apps, then it won’t be 64-bit only, will it. I struggle to see how this differs from the existing situation with Win7/10.

They have 32 bit versions of windows today, I think that is comming to an end.

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Interesting. As far as I know (and I tried a lot) this is not possible with any declares or plugins available. Can you share some code to achieve translucency on Windows?

That would be very cool! Finally it may be possible to create modern looking Windows apps with Xojo.