Windows 11 Edition (Choose One)

Which Windows 11 OS edition is recommended for personal programmers and software developers?

And also personal business?




Home should work, but you can pick up Professional really cheap at StackSocial (referral link, thanks for clicking!)

I upgraded my OEM Home to Professional using the StackSocial deal.

One reason to use Pro version is to allow Remote Desktop to your machine. If you dont need that, then Home is basically the same

in europe, on cdiscount shop site, you can get win 11 pro for less than 5 euros.
you get a mail with the serial number a few hours after payment.
worked fine for me.
pretty sure you have the same deals anywhere…

For normal Xojo work, it doesn’t matter which edition you use.
Just take the one you got with the computer.

PRO is necessary to join companies domains, that’s an “Enterprise feature” that you may need to use some companies secure shared resources like file servers, printers, etc.

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Best reprutative secure answer, Mr. Schmitz.
Thank you. :grinning:

very much.