Windows 10 - Runtime Error

Running Windows 10 x64 on iMac using MVWare Fusion 8. New version of my Application run ok in debugger Remote, Xojo 2015 2.4.

When I run using my app using current version, built in Nov 2014 I get an error:

Runtime Error

Common\plugin.cpp: 5484
Failure Condition pluginEntryTable.GetEntry(entrypointName.out)
can’t find plugin method TestRange.Constructor()yu;I\O

I download a fresh copy of my app and installed it, as a user would do, to make sure I was not using a bad copy from my computer; and got the same result.

Cache cleared?
Your plugins are in sync on both mac and win?
For me this could happen if I added a new function to plugin, but only recompiled mac side. Than on windows the runtime misses the function.