Windows 10 on ARM

this announcement does not seem to talk about phones but i am sure that is the goal. i am skeptical that microsoft can gain much marketshare in the smartphone space, even if your phone can run win32 apps. i suspect there will be more cheap windows 10 tablets, but with better battery life. On the other hand, if we start seeing windows phones in the future that can run windows 10 apps, then xojo will be crossplatform in the mobile space with support for ios, android and windows on ARM for free!

Windows Phone is all but dead.

There is also a major difference between squeezing an x86 Win32 Xojo app into the Windows Store and making that same Xojo app a Universal Windows app and having it run on ARM-based Windows tablets and phones. Not happening anytime soon! It will happen only if/when MS releases Win32 emulation on ARM, but this would kill battery life and RAM for mobile devices.

ARM Windows already exists, but the dismal sales of ARM Windows tablets have amply demonstrated the lack of taste of the public for such contraptions. Only the Surface Pro with full x86 compatibility has made it.

Windows ARM, and in particular Windows Phones, never had a chance in front of Android.

Windows 10 ARM running x86 apps is interesting, but given the price of current x86 tablets, one wonders if Windows ARM tablets still have validity.

Thanks Steve, I knew MS were working on it, but not that it was ready for release.
All the documentation I have from the Windows Store is pushing developers to build Universal Apps (not just Win32), so we’re ready to expand on to mobile platforms. Maybe they’re having trouble getting developers to sign up, convert their old code and Win32 will kick start the process? I hope it isn’t a short-lived Rosetta-type project. If successful, it will mean that Win32 will be made to survive for years to come!

A simple note:
The 2in1 PC that runs Windows 8.1, updated to Windows 10 (the last one), who is two years old… also runs Windows 10 in Tablet and this is good (even if I do not use it often / often in Tablet mode).