Windows 10 Native ARM64

The platform is now available.

Do neither of those sites have a real editing staff? Aside from the somewhat"questionable" news, the rest of the pages that I was presented was clickbait ads - really leads me to perceive the sources as valid…

Here’s a more relevant source :slight_smile: :

ARM64 on Windows 10

can xojo run also on ARM64?

A Xojo 32bit would run, but under the x86 instructions emulator, and that means limited resources and sluggishness. The native ARM64 support starts now.

What do you mean “starts now”?

Do you mean xojo team are starting to workout ARM64 utilisation?

Nope. I mean the Windows native ARM64 platform (Microsoft) support has started.

Actually, we had the tools back in May (if you’re an MSDN subscriber). What’s different now is that you can sell your apps for ARM64 native via the Windows store and the new version of Windows 10 for ARM architectures is now fully 64bit supportive.

Unfortunately, if you have a Surface 3 or 4 (not Pro), it doesn’t look like that will apply to you.

Xojo 32 bit ARM programs can run on 64 bit ARM. I have a 64 bit Ubuntu running on my Pine A64 and use remote debugging on it from Xojo. Had to install a number of 32 bit components to accomplish that.
This way it’s not necessary to use a win10 emulator for Xojo programs.

Xojo ARM emitters, right now, are exclusively targeting iOS and Linux. Both codes are unusable for Win 10 ARM devices (notebooks and tablets). But the usual x86 code runs, due to a x86 emulator present in those devices, but the UX is limited. It was made as an UX bridge while native code and Win 10 native ARM framework were being developed. Win 10 ARM notebook sales and presence will explode by 2020.