[Windows 10]-Local dll can't be accessed

Hi everyone,

I’m stuck on a problem with a build i’ve done on windows platform, here is the history :

Sometimes (but many) i got a crash on the app (globally when i close or open a window and now, at the opening of the app… it crash without error message). So i’ve done my own investigation with windows debug tools to have more information instead of “crash”.

I see that the desktop app can’t access to some dll which are in the “build” folder (for example \build\application Libs)

Here is a short line of the debug report :

GetFileAttributesW: File (\Device\HarddiskVolume3\Users\ComputerUser\Documents\Sources\lApplication\Builds - Application\Windows 64 bit\Application\Application Libs\GUIKitx64.dll) is denied 'FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES' access with error 0x20.

Have someone experienced this kind of error ?
No special right rules done on the folder, the user is administrator.

Also, I’ve seen that the app is trying to access to DLL which aren’t in this folder for the plugins DLLs i use. I’ve built with the “Include Runtime DLL’s” Advanced build option, but the issue still there crash on opening.

I’ve built for 32bits, 64bits, but nothing works fine, with highest level rights access too, Windows firewall rules, deactivated, reactivated same issue.

If you have any kind of idea, i’ll be glad to read you.

Thanks for your taken time on my issue :slight_smile:

(PS: I’m on windows 10)

If you have anti virus software check that its not getting in the way.

Failing that remove code until it stops crashing then slowly reintroduce the code back in checking after each step until you find the culprit.

If that doesn’t help raise a private ticket in feedback so xojo can take a look.

Hello ,

There was only WindowsDefender activated and tried with deactivated WindowsDefender without success.

Thanks for your response, i’ll check this step by step as you said, i’ll post soon to let you know what happens.

Best regards

I’ve seen this problem, or something very similar from time to time. Debug app won’t start - Xojo compiles and starts it OK, then nothing. Always intermittent. Restarting my computer fixes it. This suggests it’s something wrong in Windows.

Does it work any better if the DLLs are under Programs?

If you can reproduce it then try using Microsoft’s Process Explorer to search (Ctrl+F) for the filename among all running processes. That should reveal which program has exclusive access to the file.