windows 10 fonts (amd64) not showing up

I have several fonts that aren’t showing up in the list of fonts. I suspect it has to do with 64 bit, but??

This is the code in case you wonder

[code]n= FontCount-1

For i=0 to n
DFontPopUp.AddRow Font(i)

I suppose DFontPopUp is a PopupMenu (and not a ComboBox).

Did you noticed a “constant" in the rejected fonts ? (names, file extensions, etc.)

Fonts are accessed in alphabetical order where font 0 is the first font.
  • This is mostly true: in both macOS and Windows XP (that I have handly), an alphabetized list appears first, then another list is appended without alphabetical order.

Back to a # of Fonts limitation: how many Fonts ?
(visibles / rejected)

At last, a simple project with only the DFontPopUp with the shared code in its Action Event react the same ?

Edit: removed a typo. + *

Thanks Emile. I did find it and the problem with Windows 10 is the fonts aren’t alphabetical - Grumble.
They are horribly out of an alphabetical order.

It might be worth it to change it to a combobox so I can search with it.


I posted a workaround.

Thanks. I thought for some reason that it mattered about what name went in there and it wouldn’t point to the correct font.
Hadn’t realized my problem was that old. Wow.

Click in the PopupMenu and press a key in the keyboard to go to near the searched font name.

On macOS, you are able to type more than one character, only one on Windows; I do not checked for Linux.