Windows 10 build 10240 RTM

The web (or at least parts of it) are abuzz with the rumors that Windows 10 RTM (release-to-manufacturing) is out. I just checked my Windows 10 install and indeed build 10240 is now available. Downloading and installing now.

If rumors are true, this should be the initial release that microsoft makes available to the world, and given that they plan to make it free to ALL valid Windows 7 and up licensees, it may be adopted quickly.

Exactly “One billion upgrades” give or take a few:

awaiting 999,999,999 million blue screens of death they do still use blue don't they ?

I believe they are black now.

Black is the new blue

HBO has a whole new series :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a Mac guy since my SE30, but Apple doesn’t have much to crow about with Yosemite either.

Pain, thy name is a park.

Folks got so used to updates just working & being better that they update first ask questions later
And Yosemite is biting them
I now have 4 different versions I can boot on the same machine & avoid all that angst :slight_smile:
New SSD on its way should make it so I can have several more
Maybe they’ll fix things with EC - isn’t it supposed to be a speed bug fix & stability release ?

[quote=200749:@Norman Palardy]<…>
Maybe they’ll fix things with EC - isn’t it supposed to be a speed bug fix & stability release ?[/quote]
So far I tested 10.11 only on a VMWare installation but my first impression is positive: it seems to run faster and more slick somehow and it appears that minor glitches disappeared. For instance on Yosemite I noticed that the cursor disappeared when a searchfield got focus and reappeared only when one started writing - EC does show it immediately, again.

I hope further testing will confirm my first impression.

And El Capitan is a TV Show…

Icons displayed on 4 Columns in a far larger Finder Window bug disappears.

Beside that, I do not notice many things (but I had a bug to squash running Xojo IDE…)

I upgraded my Mac a couple of weeks ago, now it looks ugly. At least with Windows I can look forward to an improvement. MS seem to have dived into ugly/flat sooner and seem to be bouncing back sooner too. But that observation may be due to me not updating the Mac as often as my work machines.

We tested this new master piece from Microsoft too. And still found tons … ehem few english tokens, dialogs, windows, descriptions in the german version. And no - i’m ok with terms like ‘computers’, ‘connections’ aso. I speak of help texts, half of dialog windows texts some buttons/windows show english captions/tokens. We keep this crown jewel installed on test machines or in virtual ones. Until december. Tho not knowing which year …

Would not know about German, but terminology is so strange in the French versions I could never stomach it. I rather have an English I understand than an esoteric pseudo French parlance.

I did a clean 10.10 install on a separate disk then added it in to the Mac (which boots 10.9). I found that Yosemite was altering data on my Mavericks disk (eventually just disabled the disk in fstab). I was trying to give 10.10 a (third) objective trial…

Ultimately I ended up pulling the drive and wiping it. Argh. Hope 10.11 is a Snow Leopard type release.

To me what counts is to make sure my apps work on the latest version of the system, and be able to support customers with the same environment they are using.

In a week and half, on July 25, Windows 10 will be available as free upgrade to Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users. It means I better make sure everything is alright before the curtain call.

I just upgraded to what indeed looks like the final version. The first think I did was to check if the localhost issue with Edge had been taken care of. It has. Debug runs of Xojo Web work perfectly.

Internet Explorer is gone.

One issue I reported is that Windows 10 has broken CopyFileTo when copying folders. Reported as <>. Unfortunately, that last version does not change the problem.

Upon more testing, it appears CopyFileTo does not copy any folder in all Windows versions. It does work fine in Mac OS X. The LR is not quite clear about that but the fact they publish a CopyFileOrFolder method tends to confirm there is need for a workaround. So it is not Windows 10 that broke anything.

I’m surprised that it works on OS X. Whenever I copy a folder, I write code and do it recursively.

You know, I was just like the beetle that did not know mathematics, so it flew. For years I have been using CopyFileTo on folders in Mac and never thought about checking the LR…