Windows 10 1709 ?

How goes Windows’ last version (1709) with Xojo (not only the latest) ?

Also: using the same version of Terratec (TNT display software) I noticed a good step (the application works far better with 1709 that 1703 and earlier… !).

Hi Emily,

I have noticed small and steady stability improvements with each update in Windows. On my Surface computers the performance keeps getting better. On my ASUS and DELL computers, the performance seems to decrease.

So, mixed feeling :wink:

Not really a mixed feeling. I consider ASUS and HP to be a hackintosh, where they just sell hardware and are poor with updates.

Surface with windows is like MacBook Pro to macintosh, where the updates are seamlessly integrated to create performance.

I think it’s a good update, and wish the 3rd party hardware suppliers would update their drivers. :slight_smile:

I understand.

My laptop is a Lenovo build (Medion Akoya) 2in1 (touchscreen, 1920 x 1080)…