WindowPtr deprecated

Uhm… XOJO Debugger says that WindowPtr is deprecated… could anybody give quick help how to address Window Handlers? Documentation says something about window.handle… but I have no guess how to use it in this Declare:

Soft Declare Function BackingScaleFactor Lib "AppKit" Selector "backingScaleFactor" (target As WindowPtr) As Double Return BackingScaleFactor(Self)

declare as integer and pass window.handle?

Thank you Christian, is “just” integer okay? Any possible problems when using 64Bit?

Integer is the correct in this case.

… or, if you should have many declares and don’t want to change the target type in all, typecast a ptr on window.handle and pass this to your declare (and find/change windowptr to ptr).

Thank you all guys!

Ptr or Integer, whatever is more convenient for you.
But as handle is an integer, just use that.

In documentation says: IntegerValue = aWindow.Handle