window used to show now both do not

i have 2 windows

prior at start up the password win would show which is what i wanted.
now at start up - both windows are invisible. i changed something , i have no idea what i did when i was
working with the MenuItems area.

the Event Handlers for “main” i am using is
mainWin.visible = false

Under APP the HandleAppleEvent is (that’s if the app icon in the dock is clicked both windows will show )
if eventID = “rapp” then
End if

so again both windows are in the dock at start up.
the password window is the one i want to show at start…

Please Advise.

The App has a defaultwindow property.
If that is set, you get one window of that type opened automatically when the app starts.
Without it, you need to

dim x as new MyWindowtype x.showmodal

or similar

the windows themselves have a .visible property
If that is set to false in the IDE, you need to set it to true when you display the window

Yes your right
I set the APP to the default window and it worked


Thank you