Window transparency

Hi there :slight_smile:

is it possible with xojo to make a window like the calc?

I mean the transparent top :slight_smile:

Sure. Vibrancy.

See the Test Vibrancy project coming with MBS Cocoa Plugins.

I do not learned that word (Vibrancy) and I already had transparency with my windows.

Nice to superpose two images (two windows…)…

I do not have the project handly (only the application built with 2009r ?). I think I used a declare…

That project was started on 2004… but I have to follow Xojo Blog advice: update it so it will run with macOS Sierra… eventually !

What you are looking for is vibrancy. This is not the same as transparency Emile meant.

Vibrancy was introduced in macOS 10.9 and is more blurry. There is light and dark vibrancy.
MBS or declares are needed to do so.

Thank you Christoph for the explanation. So, I think I dislike Vibrancy (but now I understand what the name refers to !).