Window to ContainerControl - properties fail

I have a window with properties and Methods.

I want to change the Window to a ContainerControl so I can place this in another window. When I change the window ‘Super’ from ‘Window’ to ‘ContainerControl’ all is good and it compiles. When I run the app all is good until one a the method is called and it access property of type CGContextMBS or VLCMediaPlayerMBS which are MBS plugins. I do not think it is the MBS plugins but rather the change in Super.

If that is accurate how does one enable functionality Properties of the ContainerControl that worked when Super was a Window?

What do you mean with “properties fail”? You get an exception? Have you tried to do a fresh window with CGContextMBS or VLCMediaplayerMBS to see if it’s you or Xojo? You could also try to copy all the stuff from a container to a window.

I am attempting to grab the RTSP stream from an Axis Camera using an MBS example. To replicate take the MBS VLC "Show video sample’ example and modify by adding a Window. Make this new window Window1 the Main Window. Change the ‘PlaybackWindow’ to a ‘ContainerControl’ then add this container to Window1.

If interested send an email to and I will share the project I have that will demonstrate this.

If you believe there is a bug a report with an attached project that shows how to reproduce this bug is the way to go

@Norman Palardy - not certain if this is a bug.

The example I have works when the ‘Super’ is a Window but not when it is a ‘ContainerControl’. If you think this is pointing to an error send me an email and I will share the example code. That way we can determine if this might be a bug before adding this to the pile.

You need a device that sends RTSP in the example.