Window strangeness when building ARM in 2021r3.1

Am thoroughly at a loss. My App built in xojo 2019r1 runs perfectly on M1 mac with Rosetta. If I run the same code in debug mode on 2021r3.1 again it all runs perfectly with no warnings or errors and performs as I expect. However, If I then build the ARM version and run that, my app will crash as soon as I select the ‘about’ window (modal dialog) from the drop down (StatusItem) menu. The App just disappears with no message as to what the issue is. Weird or what? Thinking about waiting 6 months until there’s been more development from both Xojo and Apple. Yikes!

  • Check the Console if you see any messages.
  • Add logging to the app so that you see exactly which line of code does the crash. Is there any initialisation.
  • Remove classes and code from your app until the crash goes away.

For what do you want to wait? If you can’t find anything then the chance of getting the problem fixed is about 0%.

That’s not entirely true. If Paul can provide us with the built app and instructions on how to produce the crash, we may be able to track it down from there.

Edit: ah yes. Paul, file a bug report with the crash log and a copy (or privately a link to) the built app.

I can’t explain what is happening with you, that is not with me. However, I would try changing the window type of the “About” window. I see no reason why an About window has to be modal, meaning that the rest of your app just stops while the user ponders it.

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll do more investigations into the macoslib library v.221 that I’m running to handle the status bar menu and its list of running apps.

Is macoslib ARM compatible?

Yes as far as i know… vidal van bergen is the author and he helped me somewhat.

I appear to be having much more success when calling my about window with ‘wndAbout.Show’ rather than ‘wndAbout.ShowModal’… will thoroughly investigate before taking any more of your time :wink:

You might want to download the Xcode Additional Tools from the Apple Developer portal and use the CrashReporterPrefs app to set that machine to Developer and check the box that says Display alert dialog for uncaught exceptions.

Then when it crashes, you’ll get a very detailed error dialog that may be helpful in tracking this down.

Greg, thankyou. Immensely helpful. Much appreciated.

Changing code from wndAbout.ShowModal to wndAbout.Show has fixed my crash on M1 mac building ARM. Seems odd that this wasn’t a problem in previous Xojo with my x86 builds on Intel Mac!. Thanks again for all the help. Regards.