Window Splitter

I was fooling around in and started to read the description of the first issue, long time ago: (August / September 2002).

I read the review of the software WindowSplitter 4.0 (there:

It is funny becaues I have a ListBox on my window left and a TextArea that (nearly) tooks the remainding of the window AND I do not have a splitter function to do what you can read in the review.

I do not have an idea of the easy / difficult to create one, but after 15 years, we still do not have one in RB, RS or Xojo.

With prudence, I will not hold my breath 'till we get one :wink:

I use an old class that I’ve had for years and years but I tend to agree it would be nice to have a built in splitter control.

Here is one example, purely Xojo: Splitter

Thanks Oliver. The one I have works fine but I imagine it’s only a matter of time before something breaks as the versions of Xojo progress.

Thank you, I will check it later.

The dtPlugins have a native splitter.

Does it work?