does not show the window ...

Hi group,

I have a window, that opens other windows (a db record that opens linked db records)
I maintain a list of all dependable windows in a list property of the main window
when I close a sub-window, I don’t close it but I hide the window.
problem is, when I try to reopen the window using, it does not show !
the instance if the window is good, in the debugger I can see it, the line .show is executed but nothing happens.

what can prevent a window that has been hidden not to show after a show command ?

Could it be off screen ? Have you checked left and top ?

I would check that and what the width/height are. I once accidentally in code changed the height/width to 1 each and I couldnt see the window. Below is the code I have in event, The actual code is forum code (aka from memory and not from the Xojo IDE).

#If DebugCode then
  System.Debuglog "top: " + cstr( )
  System.Debuglog "left: " + cstr( self.left )
  System.Debuglog "height: " + cstr( self.height )
  System.Debuglog "width: " + cstr( self.width )

so everytime I open a window, it shows in the Messages what is going on.

Or did you set it to invisible incidentally?

sorry found my mistake… the close event was still being fired after the hide (and a cancelclose not returning a proper answer…),
so the window ( althought I can still see a valid instance in the debugger) has been closed and then refuses to show.
case closed !
thanks guys !