Window Resize going wrong.

I have a web page with three WebContainers in it.
The WebContainers are arranged in three columns underneath a tool bar.
The columns widths are 10%, 30% & 60%

When I resize the window the controls seem to be all over the place

This is my Resize Event code…

[code]Sub Resized()
const nColumns as integer = 3
Dim Percents(nColumns-1) As Double
dim lefts(nColumns-1) as Integer
dim w(nColumns-1) as Integer
dim views(nColumns-1) as Variant
dim wc as WebContainer
dim ww, i as integer

ww = Width

Percents = Array(.10,.30,.60)
views = Array(View1_LTB, View2_TB, View3_TBR) // Anchors (L)eft, (T)op, (B)ottom, ®ight…

for i=0 to nColumns-1
w(i) = round(ww * Percents(i))

for i=0 to nColumns-1
wc = Views(i)
lefts(i) = wc.Left

// Set new lefts (1st view is anchored to the left, so start at 1)
for i=1 to nColumns-1
lefts(i) = lefts(i-1) + w(i-1)

for i=0 to nColumns-1
wc = views(i)
wc.Width = w(i)
wc.Left = lefts(i)

End Sub[/code]