Window not resizable in vertical dimension (Windows only)

I have been trying to come up with a cross-platform “framework” for dealing with FullScreen windows in Xojo that can handle things like having the application window change layout when going in and out of FullScreen mode. In the old version of Xojo (and RB), this was fairly straight forward, but now with the introduction of the Mac OS X 10.7+ “FullScreenButton” property, certain things (like hiding the toolbar in FullScreen mode under Mac OS X) has required some trickery to get to look and work consistently across operating systems.

The solution that I’ve come up with currently requires the MBS libraries and ties into some of the WindowDelegateMBS resizing events. I think that I am mostly there, but have run into a snag where my main application window is no longer resizable in the vertical dimension when running in Windows. I am at a complete loss as to what is going on, and suspect that there is something internally corrupt with the window layout that I can’t see or fix in the IDE.

Can someone please download this project and either confirm this behavior, or tell me that I’m nuts. If you do find that the window can’t be resized vertically (either smaller or larger than the default 480px), can anyone tell me why?


-bill k

I see the same behavior, and it seems to be triggered by the setting of Window.maxHeight = 32727.

note that the default for a new window in Xojo is Window.maxHeight = 32000, and when I change it in your demo to 32000, it works again.

Perhaps 32767 is not a valid value in Win32 builds?

Thanks for the fix Michael, that did the trick. Sounds like there should be some bounds checking when entering values into those fields in the IDE.

I’ve submitted it <>