syntax error

I’ve come across this a couple of time -
it tells me that my window called “Splasher” is a syntax error
It also tells me that the declaration of properties in this Splasher window is also a syntax error.

Do I have to delete the window and redo it? I heard there was a trick where you change the name and back again (I tried it - didn’t work)
Is this a Xojo bug?
Is there a fix for this?

How are you creating this window? Calling this window? Using this window? Maybe you have a syntax error in it somewhere.

Could be a syntax error elsewhere that is causing this. Adding “End Sub” in code can cause issues like this because Xojo also adds it for you automatically. Check over your methods/events carefully. If that fails, you might also try saving it in Text format and then looking it over in a text editor for anything unusual.