Window Menu

I have some REALLY old code (perhaps some of the first code I ever borrowed from the Real Studio forums) that helps manage a Window menu in our applications. We have a WindowMenu window subclass that when it gets created adds a WindowMenuItem (MenuItem subclass) to the Window menu and then if the user does minimize or zoom, or selects the proper widow it does the proper thing. When the window closes it removes itself from the menu.

As I said, it’s ancient creaky code that has been on life support for many years but recently we found that it caused mad menu flicker in Windows (I think in large part because the client insists on it being MDI application). The longer the app was open the worse the menu flicker would get. So bad that we had to eliminate it entirely.

So now I’m wondering if there is a better way to do this in modern Xojo - especially in Windows - that doesn’t introduce the same flicker.

I wonder what has been changed before this behavior started and would go back to the last Xojo version which was doing well with this project to start from there.

Are there any declares for Windows in this code? And you know how to solve this problem: you need to remove the code line by line from the full version until you find the problem.

The code sounds like something that I use, too. Are there classes WindowMenuItem, NotifyingMenuItem and a few others?

What’s wrong with Examples/Desktop/Menus/WindowMenu?

Frankly, I didn’t even know that example existed. It’s using a little different methodology than my existing class. I’ll do some testing on it when I get a chance.

just noticed… Moniker is no longer “Bob”, but a more formal “Robert”

Should be easy to adapt for certain window types only.

Yeah, that’s odd. Not sure how that changed because I didn’t change any settings…

I once had a bank name change without notice (First Name was exchanged with Second Name !)…