Window introspection


currently trying to create bookmarks on a desktop app and I am using the Introspection class to retrieve methods and parameters passed to each windows.

But I want to know if it’s possible to retrieve the values of these parameters passed to create/init the selected windows?


window1.init("test params") //String parameter, can I retrieve the value "test params" automatically?
  • What I can do is store these values in the properties but I have to somehow code all the possibilities for each windows.

Thanks a lot,


As far as I know, this is not possible. I hope I am correct, but you want the parameters that were given to a window in the past. (When it was created?)
If those values aren’t stored somewhere, they gone out of scope and cannot be retrieved back.

Your best bet would be to store the values along with the associated ParameterInfo in a custom class in a property of that window.
This way the data doesn’t go out of scope and you can retrieve it like a normal property via introspection.

Yes, I want to retrieve these parameters when I created the window.

I think I will follow your lead and create a custom class.