Window has a Maximise button when it shouldn't

I have a window which I don’t want to have any of the three traffic light buttons. So I’ve turned off all those options in the IDE, and the file PrintWindow.xojo_window starts thus:

#tag Window
Begin Window PrintWindow
Backdrop = 0
BackgroundColor = &cFFFFFF00
Composite = False
DefaultLocation = 0
FullScreen = False
HasBackgroundColor= False
HasCloseButton = False
HasFullScreenButton= False
HasMaximizeButton= False
HasMinimizeButton= False
Height = 1082
ImplicitInstance= True
MacProcID = 0
(etc etc)

But, notwithstanding this, the window when opened at some point during the running of the app still has the green button. It is a resizeable window, if that matters. In the IDE, the traffic lights don’t appear at all in the title bar.

Is this expected behaviour?

You shouldn’t have cut anything off. If Resizable=True then the green button is enabled regardless.

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