Window flickering

XOJO 2020r2.1 - Windows 10 Desktop

Older versions of XOJO also have this bahavior.
A main window is opened.
A button in the main windows opens another window with type ‘Movable Modal’.
When I then click with the mouse in the main window a beep is sounding and the ‘Movable Modal’ window is flickering several times.
Is that flickering normal ? I suppose yes, because older XOJO versions do this too.
I understand that this is a warning that a Modal window is still open, and need to be closed by the user.
Can I do anything about the number of flickerings ?


I certainly saw this in the past, but I’m not seeing it at all anymore. In fact within the last year I’ve been really happy with how much cleaner the Windows experience is.
Can you replicate this in a simple test project?

Yes, this is expected behavior as a notification that you have an open Modal. The window titlebar and border should flash. I don’t think there’s any way you can change this without a nasty workaround wherein you don’t use Modal functionality, but instead set focus to the previously modal window when the parent window’s activation event is raised.

I would have assumed this to be a Windows setting, nothing to do with Xojo at all.

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It is an OS thing.