Window Design Windows/OS X

Been having a play with with a app I need for both Windows and OS X and I’m having an issue where on Windows I have a large gap at the bottom of the form in the compiled app.

Below are some screen shots of the app as shown in the IDE on Windows/OS X and the running app on Windows / OS X

Xojo IDE (OS X)

Xojo IDE (Windows)



Why not use if TargetWin32 to increase the height of the ListBox or reduce the height of the window ?

I’m aware that is a solution but is there a reason why I should have to do that?

If you look real close… you will notice that the issue is not with the control layouts… but that the window at runtime is taller.
If you take the screenshots from above, they line up perfectly for everything but the HEIGHT of the window…

Do you have any “code” that manipulates the Window in ANY way… or are the metrics simply set in the Inspector and never touched?
If so, add a test to have the windows runtime tell you the window height, and see if numerically (not visually) it agrees with the design time inspector

Are you using HiDPI or scaled Fonts on your WIndows? Another hot candidate might be invisible or empty Tool-/ Menubars.

Empty Menubar was the cause, thanks