Window/ContainerControl.EraseBackground Deprecation


I can’t find any information in the documentation about the version Window/ContainerControl.EraseBackground deprecated since. Does anyone have the desired info?


Because there is no: Deprecations — Xojo documentation

Maybe one of the Xojo Members can tell us. @Paul Lefebvre @Jason Parsley @Greg O’Lone

I just checked in Xojo 2015r1:

I do not found ContainerControl.EraseBackground.

Are-you sure you don’t mis-recall from some other control ?

Hi Emile,

Yeah, I’m sure. I get the deprecated message currently in Versionsnummer 2018.2 - 2018.4. It’s just that I want to add a condition for older versions, I’d have to know since when it is deprecated. This property is only used on Windows.

Remember that Deprecated != Removed, so you shouldn’t need your conditional code quite yet.

I know Greg. However, there will also be users of my classes who don’t always work with the latest Xojo version. That’s my point. That’s why I want to add a condition. So Greg, since when is it deprecated?

Don’t know off the top of my head (it’s 6:45a here), but you could probably find that info in the release notes.

There is no reference to this in the release notes. I have tested some more. It seems to have disappeared with 2018.1.

I am running 2019R1.1 (win) and still Erasebackground property of a canvas gets mentioned as deprecated.
The local documentation doesn’t mention deprecation and the default value = True , while I definitely need MyCanvas.Erasebackground = False.
Only found FB 57954 (2019R2) , which still needs review since October 18, 2019.
Does anybody know what the exact status is ?.