Window canvas control background not showing

I am compiling on a Mac and in the Windows version the backgrounds (BMPs) of canvas controls do not show. Looks fine on the Mac compiled version and in the IDE. Any ideas?

Is there any chance the bitmaps lost their .bmp extension? That happened to me awhile back. Mac continued to render them as graphics without the extension, but Windows had no idea what they were and ignored them.

Thanks for the suggestion. After compiling the BMPs don’t show anywhere by themselves. I placed them on the PC in the same directory level as the app and still nothing, also in the libraries folder, but no good there either. Wouldn’t they be in placed in a resource file by the compiler?

I’m talking about the files you dragged into your app before you compiled. In my previous situation, I had some bmp’s that I had been working with on the Mac. At some point, either I or the Mac had stripped the .bmp from them. The Mac didn’t care. But when I took them over to my Win machine and added them to the project, nothing. I stumbled onto the fact that Win didn’t recognize them as bitmaps without the extension.
Maybe not your situation. Just a shot in the dark. I can’t think of anything else that would cause them to work on Mac but not on Win

There are some known issues related to images when comiling on Mac for Windows. That may or may not be applicable to your situation. Here is one thread on the subject:

Tim, thanks for the post. This looks exactly like what I am finding. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the issue to be resolved, or maybe go back to RealBasic, as it doesn’t exhibit the problem, and this is a test piece of software.

You could also compile your app on Windows.