Window-Buttons (Close, Maximize) flickering (Windows 10, HiDPI Display)

On a Windows 10 computer of mine which has a HiDPI Display (Scale Factor 2.5) I noticed that Xojo built Applications have some kind of “line artefact” in the area of the Window Buttons (Close, Maximize). When I move the mousecursor over the Close-Button, that (X)-Button is flickering like crazy. The background doesn’t stay red, always reverts to grey even while the mousecursor is still over. I’m using the TouchPad of the Notebook (and/or that “mouse-move-pin”) and haven’t a mouse attached.

This button-flickering happens to both HiDPI-aware Xojo Applications as well as ones built with older Xojo versions (which run in “scaled mode”). I’m not seeing that flickering on the standard Windows 10 apps, and not in the other ones I’m currently using.

Does anyone else notices this too? Both “line artefact” and “button-flickering”?

I don’t know if it’s just some Graphics/Drivers-issue on my machine, or if it might be an issue Xojo needs to address.
So should others confirm this as an issue of Xojo-built Applications on their Windows 10 - HiDPI-Display computers, writing a Feedback would be appropriate. Otherwise I guess it’s some installation-issue just on that machine (or Notebook model) - I just don’t have other Notebook-models/configurations to double-check this… So thanks for your Feedback on what you’re seeing on your Win10-HiDPI-Display-devices.

This is a known issue: <>

Button flickering has already been reported <>

I don’t see what you mean by [quote=266722:@Jürg Otter] have some kind of “line artefact” in the area of the Window Buttons [/quote]

How did I miss that… maybe mistyped in the Search-Box :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting the Feedback-Link.

I’ll try to post a PrintScreen when I’m back at that machine.

Until I can capture a ScreenShot I can try to explain:
It looks like a separator-line, just below the Close/Maximize-Buttons. But only in the top-right of the Window. Not on the top-left (where the MenuItems are). And not beginning at the point where the MenuItems end or where the Buttons start (which maybe could/would make sense).
The thing is that I’m seeing this “line” also only with REAL Studio / Xojo Applications.
It might be because the Windows have a non-default Background Color (white) - maybe with the “Windows-gray-default-background-Color” one wouldn’t notice.

Here are a couple of ScreenShot to show what I’m seeing regarding the “line artefacts”:

Yes, I see now. I don’t have a Windows HiDPI screen, so I never saw that line between the menu and the window bar.