WIndow Boot just Failed

I run Win10 under Bootcamp, and have for a number of years now… However, I only boot the machine once in a blue moon to test things…
This is running on an old 2006 macPRO

There was a blue moon today :slight_smile:

I booted it up… and (duh)… Windows wanted to install updates… TWO hours later it rebooted… and I logged in…

Then I get a BLACK Screen with this message

Huh? Bootcamp has only one designated drive… “C”… there is no network involved (well not for booting)
and it had to have found at least the “drive” as it started, and let me log in?

So am I toast? or is there a “fix”… I do not have the original install image …

oh I have said “I HATE WINDOWS?” :frowning:

You can probably boot Windows in safe mode. From there, you may be able to revert to the previous state, or perhaps use recovery tools to fix the error. If you successfully revert to the previous state, create a boot recovery disk (or something like it, I forget the actual name). With that disk, you wil be able - so I read - to get past your boot issues and be happily using windows again.

You may also have to reinstall from scratch. I have had a similar error trying to boot from a cloned disk (i wanted to upgrade my laptop’s disk…). To date I haven’t solved the issue - lack of time. I am still on my old disk on the laptop.

I too sometimes hate MS and Windows for being so obtuse… But I still won’t use a Mac. I’m funny that way…

Follow the section maked Control Userpasswords2, dont install any of their software.

wow I cannot catch a break today.

For my macPro running Win10, I found instructions on how to load files to a thumb-drive that should “fix” the machine… it said use at least an 8gig drive… So I used a 16gig… now I only have one machine that runs windows, so I unzipped the ISO on my mac, and tried to copy to a FAT thumbdrive… It said the files were TOO BIG! … I checked they are way less than 8gig even… and yes the thumb was newly formatted and reported 15.8g free.

Then I decided to try to reformat on an older Imac… when I started it up… it tried to install Mojave… the machine is too old for that… so I tried to enter recovery mode… No matter what I do… it goes to INTERNET recovery mode… then tells me (15 min later) that it cannot connect to the server.

So where did these gremlins come from… TWO major issues on TWO computers in the same day…

My BootCamp had the same Win10 update issue (iMac Pro) a month ago and Windows offered to reformat. I rebooted instead and it booted OK. In the tech media, MS is going through upgrade pains at the moment.