Win32 Xojo apps allowed in the Windows Store

That is what I did. Same difference. Hopefully there will be enough reports their page fails for them to fix that tomorrow.

that’s exactly why I switched to Apple in 2007: It’s not that MS isn’t innovative… they create great ideas like HoloLens and a lot more… but and then… what they do is crap… they even fail on such simple web registration form… unbelievable… there’s no love…

Come on. It happens. Even at Apple. I have seen iTunes Connect down quite often.

jaja… sigh sometimes I fall back into my “MS is evil” mode… sorry…

I just retried on a Windows 8 machine, same problem. It is not the Captcha ; the wrong code gives “The code you entered is not valid.” instead of “Unfortunately something went wrong. Please try again”.

I just sent a report and requested a fix at

I do not know if that contact page is accessible without a Microsoft developer account, though.

I have a developer account and have the same error.

A long time ago when I signed up there was an issue with one of the page ; I reported it and they did follow up, but that took about one week. Hopefully they will repair that page soon. It still does not work this morning.

I just posted a message in the Msdn forum Windows and Windows phone apps , Windows Phone Development > Developing Universal Windows apps.

With some luck, it will get the attention of someone who can help.

recieved a mail last weekend, seems to be authentic and verification link aimed to Microsoft’s site:
We are lucky, that two servers decided to be friends again :wink:

[quote=192618:@Tomas Jakobs]recieved a mail last weekend, seems to be authentic and verification link aimed to Microsoft’s site:
We are lucky, that two servers decided to be friends again ;-)[/quote]

I received the same but so far my email does not verify :frowning:

Uhmm… I can’t provide more information on this except that it worked here.

What I did was to sign up again with another email, and it worked. Could be because the first time around I used the same email address I have as a developer with them …

News from the front. Finally today, after having signed back in June, I received a mail today from Microsoft saying that the Centennial bridge should be announced early next year.

Web apps bridge and iOS are here, but web apps must be made with VS, and iOS apps with Objective C.

Let us hope the Desktop one allows other tools than VS…

No Swift?

yeah got same message… but between the lines I read something different: “sorry we announced something but we fell behind our promises, but hey, we are still alive. And look at this and that…”

Not at this time, unfortunately. But it is open source here : GitHub - microsoft/WinObjC: Objective-C for Windows

I have no idea how it works, but if a Swift version is possible, chances are it can be derived from that.

They had to keep in touch with the people who signed to be informed. They are already pretty ridiculous for not following up since June…

It seems indeed that Satya Nadella has forced his development team to announce things much too prematurely. Maybe because he wanted the Windows 10 announcement to be glitzier.

From what I see on the blog is really that they had iOS fairly advanced, so was Web apps, and that Desktop is still in development. The word on the Grapevine is that Adobe cleanly refused to create a UWP version of Photoshop for the Windows Store, as well as for the Windows Phone. So all they could do was to come up with the Centennial Bridge so classic Photoshop which has been a big part of Windows success can be executed within a New API environment. If that is true, at the time of the Windows 10 launch, they had nothing.

For Web apps, it seems at this moment Microsoft does not have the same policy as Apple who clearly refuses apps that are simple browsers. So it looks fairly easy to create a New API VS app that sole purpose is to contains an HTMLViewer that connects to a web site.

The Web app bridge they have seems much more ambitious, with a goal to have a thick client that executes the ASP code locally.

Will catch it up later when not busy… thank you for update Michel…

OK. I sat through the one hour video. From what the guy says, the converter will take the installer, and run it to package the app as a Universal Window App very much so like App-V does already. After which the new AppX will be able to go into the Windows Store as if it had been produced by VB.

The video showed an example of Win32/.NET Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 running as an AppX.

To me, the process looks extremely much like a the Linux Wine Bottle process that creates a Mac App from a Win32 installer.

Wow! Microsoft starts doing it right. I mean for years I am saying they should virtualize all these relicts of 25 years of DOS, Windows, Win32, COM, .NET stuff. And now they are start doing!

“I am so happy we broke you” and “Merged Modules are evil” the best quotes ever!