Win32 RTFData Font Size

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I’m hacking the RTF data myself with a combination of my own code and MBS plugins. One thing I’m noticing is that the font size I get from a TextArea via RTF is not the same size as the font size I get when setting the styledText in a TextArea.

From my reading of the RTF spec, font sizes ( /fxNN commands) are specified at 2x resolution, so a \fs40 means 20 point text.

However, when I set the text of a TextArea using StyleRuns, and then read back the RTF, I’m seeing that 40 has changed to 30 (e.g. 33% smaller). Other sizes show the same ratio.

I thought “perhaps windows font scaling is in effect”?

This is on windows 10, and I checked, but Display Settings / Display / Change Size of Text is set to 100%.

Any ideas? Where does the 33% (downsize, 150% upsize) difference come from.

Ok, this looks like it’s unique to MBS plugin’s TextArea.WinRTFDataMBS() call, so I’ve emailed directly.