Win32 Resources Folder Clarification

I looked at another thread on this matter, but it still wan’t clear to me. Previously, when Xojo created a “MyApp Resources” folder during compilation, I would ignore it. After unexplained crashes with a build, I discovered that now (Xojo 2015r4) I have to include that folder. So just to be clear, to distribute my Win32 builds I must include

  1. The .exe
  2. The “libs” folder
  3. The “Resources” folder
    Just seems like we’re going the wrong way toward a single windows exe file.

Microsoft has explicitly told us not to do single exe files.

But yes, include everything Xojo builds. Your installer should place everything, and then add shortcuts for the user to use.

Not a problem for Inno to place those folders. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a way for me to incorporate the Resources in to the exe somehow. Thanks for the clarification, Tim

Single exe is a dinosaur egg.