(Win10) Window behaivor

Hi there…

if have a strange thing here with xojo windows on Windows10

This is a window on xojo if i tab through this window many times, this happens:

This seems like a xojo bug to me or?

How do those words get there?
Are they on a label, or are you using .drawstring?

It looks like the background isnt getting refreshed when the text is.
If those words are on a control, try setting the erasebackground property to true

Just a label nothing special

Is it set as transparent?

The Window? Or what do you mean

The label which is having drawing trouble?

Yes they are transparent this is the standard setting i guess.

OK. Slow progress.

So: try unticking the transparent box.
If that doesnt make things right for you, try replacing the label with a call to .drawstring in the window’s paint event.

It could be that drawing the same text again and again on the same place causes the antialias effect looking like bold text.

A bug report describing EXACTLY how to reproduce the problem, accompanied by a test project, is the only way to have this fixed eventually.

For instance, what do you mean by “if i tab through this window many times, this happen”. How do you do that ? Within your app ? On the Desktop ? By Alt-Tab ? That would enable others to reproduce your results and look for a workaround.

if i turn off transparency it seems to work but this is really annoying… will will create a bug-report at the weekend.