Win10 Open Dialog Issue

I’m not really familiar with Windows 10 so forgive me.

I have a client how says my app I made for him has the OPEN common dialog not have any information on the left side, where the favorites, drives, etc. are. I tested it on a Win10 computer I have here and I can’t replicate it. His picture is below.

I am trying to be simple, so I’m just using the GetOpenFolderItem("???") call. I’m sure I can go deeper and likely fix the issue (maybe?) but I would like to knwo wahts going on here nonetheless.

I built the program using Xojo 2019r1.1 on Mac 10.14.

Any ideas?

Ask them what UI mod they are using, this might be the root cause as those scrollbars look non-standard (rounded edges)
If they are using one, ask them to try it without the UI mod installed to make sure its that
Ask them to take a screenshot using the snipping tool instead of taking a photo with his phone.
Ask them to start notepad and File>Open and also take a screenshot of that.