Win 8 AND 8.1 ???

I currently have Vmware installed on my Mac and have Win XP and WIn 7 (to test my software which I make with Xojo).

Now with Windows 8.1 released - is it really worth buying both Windows 8 AND Windows 8.1, or should I just buy Windows 8.1?
I have no idea if I need to test my software on both versions due to differences - or are they practically the same with minor improvements?

Thank you all in advance.

I believe 8.1 is being released as a free upgrade for all owners of version 8, right?

8.1 is a free upgrade but I have no idea if I need to test my software on 8 and 8.1, or just buy 8.1?

Since win 8.1 is a free upgrade buy win 8 install it twice and only upgrade one of the 2 and you will have both versions

That would actually be illegal, as I would have only paid for 1 copy of Windows 8, but would have 2 versions installed :frowning:


A comment view is to always by the latest version. I cannot see any issues so far after upgrading to 8.1. In other words, buy 8.1.

So, if my app works in 8.1, it should in theory work in 8?

What I was originally trying to ask is:

Is it advisable to test my software in ALL versions of Windows, or are 8 and 8.1 practically the same with minor improvements.

I doubt you will see any difference when testing your app on 8 vs 8.1. However, there is no way to know, so you probably should at least do a quick test. I’m not sure of the legalities, but it would seem that you could install 8, test your app on it, then make a backup of you vm, then upgrade it to 8.1 and test on that. Restore the backup when you want to test 8 again. It’s not like you would be using two operating systems at the same time, but I am not a lawyer.

I very highly doubt Microsoft will sue you for that, as long as you are running it on the same computer. Even if they would try to sue you, nobody will catch you. You will not do any harm to anybody or any company, doing that. Unless I have mistaken what Jym Morton has said.

Microsoft makes VM images of their various OS for testing purposes. With these images, you have a time-limited environment (good for 90 days, if I recall correctly). There are some limitations: cannot activate, cannot run windows update, etc. however, you can download as needed any OS you need for testing purposes. 100% legal.

see this link:

Actually if you read the agreement it’s not illegal you can install Win 8 as many times as you’d like BUT you need to do it on the same computer. Not difficult to execute on a PC using a dual boot but I have no clue if it’s possible with a Mac.

The original question was whether it is recommended to test both in 8.0 and 8.1. A comment was made that it is advisable to test in all potential target OS’es. My point was to indicate that all desktop environments since Win XP are available as VM images for Mac, Linux or Windows, which makes testing for all Windows targets easier and totally legal.

OK, I am on a Mac and I am using VMWare Fusion to run other OS’s for testing purposes.
I have Win XP, Win 7, and Windows 8.1 installed as virtual OS’s.

Because my Windows 8 license has been activated on Windows 8.1, if I try to install Windows 8 as another virtual OS - I receive a message that says the serial number is invalid (due to it being already registered).

Somehow Microsoft knows that my Windows 8 serial number is being used for Windows 8.1

Therefore, I am considering having to purchase a second Windows 8 license, so that I can have both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 installed.
Thus my original question as to wether it would be a complete waste of money to have both 8 and 8.1 installed.

I have also searched for Windows Vista trial software but can’t seem to find that anywhere.
Maybe I will also have to spend ANOTHER 150 on Amazon - to buy that too :frowning:

Hope that explained things a bit clearer :slight_smile:


The link provide a few posts above seem to be for Internet Explorer, and not for OSes???

Actually you disconnect from the net and try to set it up again, you then get a very long number and a telephone number. You phone the number, enter the long number using the phone’s keypad and the machine will give you a number to put in instead of a serial. Then you have 2 working versions on the same system.

To answer your question, yes it would be a complete waste of money to have both 8 and 8.1

Thanks, - guess I will just test in 8.1 then.

All I need to do now is find a trial of Vista :frowning:

Actually, in the gray pane, it says download a virtual machine. Click to open the panel, select your host OS, and you get a list of available images of the full OS, preinstalled with a version of IE. You can obviously test IE, or anything else you install within the VM

It’s cheaper to buy an old laptop or desktop that came with Vista (giving you the Vista License) than it is to buy Vista, you end up with a Vista Serial and a pile of silicone you have to recycle both for $10

I want all of my OSes on one machine, so a laptop is not an option unfortunately.

Still cant find vista on the link provided?