Will Xojo support Android development?

I am focusing on Android development.
I am an old user of Real Basic that would like to came back, but I see that only iOS is supported. Then, I would like to know if there a time frame to support Android too or if it is out of the plan.

Xojo has being anouncing the support for Android for many years but there is no time frame, the official time is “it will launch when its ready”. So, if you need it now, better look for alternatives.


Its in development testing, if you want to try it you will need a current xojo license.

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Here is some additional information:


I’m a Xojo fan, I understand it’s strengths and have to deal with its weaknesses. Having said that… Don’t hold your breath for Android. It could be released this year, next one, who know when. And released doesn’t necessarely means in a state that is useful. When it arrives and matures I will be happy to embrace it.


I still remember the arrival of iOS, back in late 2014 (in test, released in 2015 if memory serves).

It was quite fine for an Hello World, but required a bunch of declares to do the most elementary things.

Back in 2015, I wasted several months trying to port Check Writer to Xojo iOS, until I finally gave up.

As far as I know, Xojo Android generates directly binary code, unless Android Studio which is in Java. This promises quite a bit of pain. Creating a declare from Java may prove a bit more complicated than iOS which had similarities with macOS.

If Xojo Android is anything like early Xojo iOS, it may be a little tart to the palate.