Will Xojo run on Windows Server DC Core?

My host is now offering Windows Server DC Core for $US7 per month. They note that “Windows Server DC Core version does not have a GUI”. The Microsoft docs (What is Server Core? | Microsoft Docs) also says that many options are missing such as Services (which I would use to keep my app running).

Does anyone know if a Xojo Web, Console or Desktop app will run on Windows Server DC Core?

I believe you can still run services on a Windows Core installation, but you’ll need to use SC.EXE to create & manage services.

Windows Server Core lacks a GUI. Therefore, if an application requires a user interface, it will not be running. A web application should run fine. Otherwise, pretty much everything else should be running. Now, since there is no GUI, you will need to use the command line interface to copy your app and setup and start the service as suggested by @Wayne_Golding

You can download Windows Hyper-V Server 2019 for free. Disable the Hyper-V service and you have Server Core to try locally. It is a pain to manage locally unless you are a powershell pro. There is the Windows admin Center that you can run from a Windows 10 machine, that is going to help somewhat.