Will there be a release 2020r1.2?

With all the problems still present in the WebListBox, I would like to know if there will be another fix in a month or so or do we have to wait several months for 2021r2? Without being able to adjust the number of columns or column widths, it means I need lots of listboxes on my reports page, I am afraid the page will get really cluttered since listboxes appear really weird if placed on a container and they must all be on the one page. In the past, I had one listbox and adjusted it as needed.


The listbox work that we need to do is unlikely to happen in a point release as the scope of work is not safe to be done in such a short cycle.

Thanks for the update. My workaround will not be pretty, but I don’t think the users will notice. They will be impressed by how much faster it is than what they have been used to.

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So is this a definite “no” on a 1.2 version?

With a r2 coming later this year, I would not expect a r1.2 and whatever fix is done this week, may soon show up in a r2 beta.

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