Will PostgreSQL V11 work with 2017R3 - 2019R1.1?

Hello all
Am setting up a Pi 4 and wanted to know if Postgre11 will work with Xojo versions 2017.3 through 2019.R1.1?

I don’t see why not. FWIW, I’ve been on PostgeSQL 11 for some time without issue, so I know the last few versions work just fine.

Thank you Kem.

Hi Kem,
Is there anything materially different between 9.4 and 11? I cannot get the command createuser --interactive --pwprompt to work… having trouble getting roles created.

That I can’t tell you. However, the PostgreSQL online documentation is nice in that you can view each version’s page for a particular section. That should give you what you need.

There are lots of changes. You should skim through the release notes if you are going to upgrade, esp. such a big jump.

In that area, I’m not aware of anything disruptive, AFAIR.

some more details would be helpful. createuser is just a wrapper around CREATE ROLE - you could try to connect with a superuser to the cluster and create your roles with the SQL interface.

Thanks Tobias.