will my QNAP ts869 accept xojo web app ?

I have a QNAP ts869pro NAS
it has an Intel® Atom™ 2.13GHz Dual-core Processor
and 3Gb RAM
can xojo web apps run on it ?


What OS is running on the QNAP? If Linux then it should work fine.
The processor is ok to run not too heavy webapps with a few users.

the QNAP firmware named QTS seems linux based.

Do you have SSH access to it, can you install arbitrary software on it?

yes it seems.
I would like to know if it can work. so that I may invest time to try to do it !
if it cannot work, then I will do with another device…

Reading a little about QNAP Development Platform, it looks like it needs a QNAP development kit to create software for it, but it also has a VM support to run Windows and Linux, so my guess is that you will need to install a Linux VM that is compatible with Xojo web apps.

Keep us posted about your findings. Good luck.

It seems that it supports docker, so you should be able to deploy the app to a container and run it from there.

Here is a sample if you want to do a quick test https://hub.docker.com/r/codesurge/eddie/

@Alberto De Poo and @James Dooley :
nice try …
but all the dockers and virtualisation features do not work with an atom processor, you need better intel processor.
virtualisation is not possible
I can ssh to the NAS, and execute an app into it.
you need the software dev kit if you plan to make qpkg and sell them on the qnap app store, that’s not for me now.
I will try to make a small app (like eddie electronic) and upload it to the nas.
thanks for all the answers.