Will iOS support XojoScript?

I was just wondering if iOS would support XojoScript? I’d love to be able to prototype some code on the go.

Not to start off with.

Thanks for letting me know - I’m happy that it’s coming

I didn’t say that it was or wasn’t coming. At this point, it would require a nontrivial amount of effort due to the restrictions on JITs on iOS.


When I interviewed Joe Strout last summer he seemed to think it wouldn’t happen due to Apple’s restrictions.

For your prototyping need, you could try a web app that lets you type and run XojoScripts. It would require an internet connection, but might be handy if all you had was an iOS device and some spare time to kill.

I doubt it, I think the guys at MIT tried very hard to get Scratch approved and failed… It seems any kind of coding capability is a no no.

I was told this would not happen and until I retired Scratch I was waiting for iOS support. So thanks for the update James Dooley.

Sorry let me rephrase that I wrote that wrong.

I was told this would not happen with Xojo on another forum thread. And until I retired Scratch I was waiting for iOS support. So thanks for the update James Dooley.

Scripting on the iPad is doable, Codea is a complete programming environment built on the Lua script that allows you to create runnable apps or games for the iPad, so Apple do allow it, not sure of the requirements though, probably falls along the same lines as JavaScript in a browser.

Codea is a great app/coding environment with a community not unlike this, albeit smaller. Very friendly & helpful. Some pretty amazing things are being produced with it. It is my iOS playground until Xojo support is live.

What about the C++ and Lua Apps that are available on the iOS App Store? Besides the fact that you have to load the main app, select a saved project and click run anytime you want to run it, both can still “create” native running GUI apps… There is even a few BASIC interpreters that are available for iOS devices that implement about 70% of what’s possible on an iOS device…

Not to mention full implementation for python that can access the obj-c iOS framework (well, most of it)…I don’t see why XojoScript (with its limited capabilities) would be an issue…

I believe the issue is that Apple doesn’t allow non-built-in languages on the device. Those others work because those languages are part of the OS. For Xojoscript to work on iOS, the JIT compiler would have to be included in the framework and that isn’t permitted (at least right now – Apple can always change the rules).