Widgets in Xojo IDE, any plan to make them available?

There are some nice widgets in Xojo IDE, I am wondering if there are any plans on making them available to users so they do not have to recreate the wheel. For example, the project items on the left, that is a nicely styled and functional, the ability to drill into children of a tree with the forward/back navigator at the to of it, etc… The tab control (which I am assuming is a canvas that flips a dynamic page panel?). When choosing a parent class for your custom class, the list boxes that are presenting, when drilling in the animation of bringing in the new list box from the right… The ability to easily type characters when the Library widget is selected, Xojo showing what you’ve typed in a nice semi-transparent window.

Those widgets would add to the functionality of applications created by Xojo, thus making Xojo even more valuable than it already is and it seems that the only additional work that would need to be done is documentation for them?


The navigator on the left is pretty wired into how the IDE works.
The library is also pretty custom for the IDE.

Short term there are no plans one way or the other.

What about the tab widget?

I agree the tabs are interesting.

I’ve added a feedback request for the tab widget… Please make the tab bar widget available to Xojo users: <https://xojo.com/issue/27326>

Alex Restrepo has a nice Tab control… allows for North/South/East or West facing tabs, Icons etc…
I use it all the time, and it is easy to customize for specific purposes.

i used it in the tab control from alex for all my application

Thanks for the pointer, https://github.com/alexrestrepo/RBCustomTabPanel. No offense to Alex Restrepo, but if Xojo has a nice tab widget (as in IDE) it would be nice for Xojo to simply ship with it.

  1. It would be a standard widget, thus well tested and maintained
  2. One could then get help easily from Xojo or the forums, as it is a standard
  3. It would increase the value of Xojo to existing and prospective clients… a rich UI library is vital

I agree… but I just offered an alternative … in case you can’t hold your breath that long (just kidding)

Yes, it is a good find and I’m thankful for it and I’m sure others are as well.