Why xojo web is not used to develop their own web site "xojo.com"

First of all let me tell you this question is not to downgrade Xojo by any means. I need to develop a E-Commerce web site and have not found any professional website build with xojo. I have a feel that xojo web is not mature enough to develop a professional web site, may be i could be wrong. Guys whats your opinion. could someone show me a E-Commerce website build with xojo. And finally i am thinking why xojo itself is not using their tool to build their own website “xojo.com

Because it is not meant for websites it is meant for web applications.

Well in that case, can a web app use to develop an E-Commerce web. Have some one tried that and used in production. Can i have a link to that site to try out.

Yes, it can. We’ve done one for a client that due to NDA I can’t show you. It used Authorize.net as the credit card processor. It also tied to a Xojo desktop app that used it as an ‘iTunes-like’ store that delivered content to the desktop app.

Isn’t your tutorials site a Xojo web app ?

@Bob Keeney That gives confidence for me to try it out. I will try and let you know the results.

It is, but I wouldn’t call it an e-commerse web site. I bail out PayPal rather than do processing on my own. I started it while the web edition was in beta.

For those interested. Our training web app has served up over 10,000 hours of Xojo video since it’s inception. Over 200 videos with about 65 hours of me showing you how to use Xojo. Most come with project videos. The URL is http://xojo.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining/

I have used Xojo Web since 2013 for the backoffice of my sites.

Today it is a Xojo Web app that listens to Paypal Instant Payment Notification and sends download instructions as well as license numbers for RubberViews, it is another that the buyers land on after purchase to download immediately. The mail forms are also Xojo Web.

I also use a Web Service in Xojo Web to install iOS fonts through my iOS app made with Xojo.

However, my sites are HTML based, let alone to keep a good pagerank in Google.