Why won't control appear?!

I want to construct a WebContainer and display it when a button is pressed.

Sub ButtonPressed() if cn = nil then cn = new ConfigurationContainerControl cn.top = 100 cn.Left = 100 cn.Visible = True End Sub

Through debugging statements I see the ContainerControl is constructed, but it never shows up when the visibility is set to true.

I got it to work… sorta…

cn = new ConfigurationContainerControl cn.ZIndex = 30 cn.EmbedWithin(Self, 0, 0, cn.Width, cn.Height)

I had to add the ZIndex = 30 or parts of the web page were on top of the control…
I just kept incrementing ZIndex until all the ContainerControl controls were drawn above the web page it is embedded in.
Please tell there is a better way of doing that.

That sounds like a bug. Please file a report.

I will, if this happens in Xojo… but I’m still using the old IDE until I finish this project.

As far as I know the z-order code has not changed. Please file a bug report so we don’t forget about it.