Why will this not compile? Var?

dim w as new XMLWindow
dim xml as string

var f As FolderItem
f = FolderItem.TemporaryFile
w.HTMLViewer1.LoadPage(xml, f)

I am on 2019 Release 1.1
These lines of code will not compile.
I must admit this is the first time I’ve heard of var.
maybe i’m a bit dim

MetaDataWindow.UpdateList, line 143
This item does not exist
var f As FolderItem

2019 1.1 is to old for Var, it did not exist there.

Just replace var with Dim, it is same thing.

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I get it … My help system points to internet help vs my local help. however the internet help doesn’t know what version of Xojo I’m running so gives me help that will not work for my version of Xojo.


You should be able to change that in Xojo Preferences. In the macOS version it is under General > When seeking help:

I have it set to “Use built-in documentation” instead of “Go online for most recent documentation”

Var Was introduced on 2019r2 as part of the API 2, so it will not be recognized on any previous release, on those use only Dim.

In 2019r2+ there are many Language changes Just for fashion instead of functionality, Dim/Var :roll_eyes: