Why use SearchField on Windows?

Since the Windows version of the SearchField control can’t do the RecentItems popup magic, is there any reason to use the control (other than the nifty search icon in the field which can be done with a Unicode character)? Am I missing something or is it really just another TextField with a pretty name.

There’s very little point in using it if you’re staying on the windows platform other than it showing your users that you:

  1. don’t use os’s standard focus in the control
  2. don’t select text by default when tabbing between controls
  3. don’t follow windows design guidelines
  4. don’t place text in the correct vertical position in control
  5. don’t actually draw your control to the size its designed (1 pixel out between design and run)

Another half-baked „solution“. :pleading_face:

Same with the DateTime picker …

I‘d rather have less but properly working solutions.

That is just a bad excuse for this shameful control. The ugly icon is NOT native to windows

Windows DOES have a native SearchBox control:


If Xojo can’t implement it, at least they should mimic the Look and feel, icon to the right, use the OS native icon instead of that ugly imitation.

And there is where Xojo looses all the point of marketing itself as X-plat. For that, they must implement the same functionality in all the platforms if the native control doesn’t have them.

“Half baked” would mean at least usable :roll_eyes:

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There is small error above, Windows only has HIG for Search Control but they never actually made native control. Only the HIG on how you should make it look like.