Why upgrade from 2018 to 2021?

You are joking, right?


There are lots of us here where development is our main job


Sorry, I was not trying to offend anyone, I was just trying to pinpoint how Xojo is marketing the software, including on their website and the videos I watched on YouTube. I’m sure there are plenty of people that do software for a living and use Xojo. Why not? You can code with notepad if you want. I don’t have any preference for anything and in my opinion people should use what works for them. There is no wrong or right approach as long as the end results works and is what you expect. Personally, I use several text editors for basic changes, plus more fancy IDE’s from JetBrains when I need more intensive coding.

What I was trying to say is that Xojo is supposed to solve two basic problems, at least from my impression. It allows you to start quickly for simple, basic stuff and target all platforms. In the end, I’m 100% aware that coding is required regardless of what you are using. It doesn’t matter if someone is using MS Access, for more fancy stuff they will need to code at some point. This is true for any software that is targeted to creating apps, there is no magic solution.

You could also use Java or just C and target all platforms, but there is a reason why some decided to go with Xojo, I assume because they are not interested in learning for months a new coding language just create a simple app that has 3 buttons. I’m sure Xojo helps in that regard, but is also able to create very complex software depending on the work and time someone is willing to invest.

From a marketing perspective you are correct. Most of us don’t agree with the marketing.

Xojo makes decent apps in a good amount of time. You can get the bells and whistles but only with a real effort. But you don’t end up with those embarrassing Electron apps where even opening something trivial takes seconds (Evernote!).

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Can you provide the opposite example ?
(an application that runs at the speed of light ?)

And that is not 6 years old…:japanese_ogre:

I think you can blame that on the App and not on the tool.

VS Code is electron app and its hard to say that one is slow or bad.

Basically same as you can see very bad apps made with Xojo and you can see good apps made with Xojo.

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Or in my case, was my main job.

I agree, Visual Studio Code is made with Electron (very, very popular), so are some GitHub apps and one of the notes apps I love Joplin…plenty of them, actually running Electron. They do have a similar trend, they use tons of RAM, but they work fine. It all depends on the app and the developer, I guess. They are just tools, you can create horrible performing stuff or amazing ones.

Totally agree.
2.0 killed all development I did since 2016


I have at least one example where this is the exact opposite. WebButtons not working anywhere (and making the app hanging), but on Safari. See <https://xojo.com/issue/65628>.

i’m about a year now migrating a webproject from version 2018 to 2021…

now, it’s 2022 version… and i don’t know if i keep migrating to 2021 or continue with 2022!!

i’m very sad with xojo.

2022r1 is closer to 2021.x.

On top of that it is written everywhere on the forum that migrating a Web 1.0 app is a complex and long exercise. It’s better to recreate you app from the ground up. Did you pick the recreation route ?