Why two windows showing when I only have one?


It is some years since I have used RealBasic, and have now relicensed with Xojo. To say the least, I am a little rusty, but am enjoying the challenge.

However, in the app that I am trying to create I have three windows, called “classStart” “round1” and “round2”.

In the App Open EventHandler if I key in "classS, and get the “…” it shows two classStart windows in the popup. I only have one classStart window in the project.

If I key in “round” this only shows a “round1” window and a “round2” window, which is correct as there is only one of each window. Where could the second “classStart” window be coming from? I have now methods or properties any anything else call classStart except that one window.

I will say that I have had many false starts with setting this project up. But each time I have restarted, I have created a new project (albeit with the same name).

I think this is a bug with autocomplete, I have seen it many times, mostly with container controls. Don’t worry about it because they both point to the same window and won’t affect your project.

Thanks, that’s a relief.