Why to choose XOJO?

Hi all,
this is my first post on this forum and i hope this is the right place to post.

I’ve a good knowledge of ms Access (from 2 to 10) which is my primary development platform, an average knowledge of vb6 and a very little one of vb.net.
I’m searching for an altenative to Access for some projects that it cannot handle in a good way, for example a form with a lot of subforms.
After some searching i’m looking at Xojo, PowerBasic and PureBasic.
So i’m asking if Xojo is a good choice to work with databases and why it’s better than other basics.

Thank you

PS: i’m sorry for the “stupid question” and for the poor english

MS Access is a Database engine with a built in Scripting language (ie. VBSCript)…

XOJO is a Programming Language that can access Databases (SQLite, mySQL, Oracle etc etc.)

Asking which is better XOJO, Power or Pure is not going to get an unbiased answer here :slight_smile:
(Same if you asked this same question on their forums).

What we CAN (and will) do is answer specific questions about functions and features of XOJO, but not necessarily compare or contrast them to other languages (after all this is what WE use, and some of use might provide information as to why they changed from something else to Xojo and that might help you make your decsion as well)

Remember also that XOJO is free to try (although you will be limited to using only SQLite as a database … but if you are using ACCESS now that should be a fair comparison)

As Dave stated: You can for free try! You can develop, use all the ide features, debug your app.
We can only say sincerely: Try it and then you will love Xojo!

PS: Se vuoi puoi fare domande anche nella sezione italiana del forum

I thought the free version had all the features - you can use any database. You just need the appropriate license when you want to finally build the app.

I think that is the case too… IIRC originally it was only going to be SQLite but then Geoff changed his mind.

  • Karen

You are correct.

To the OP: I am a former user of PowerBasic (from DOS v2 through Windows v7) and I have played with PureBasic. With that said:

Cross-platform: XOJO and PureBasic are both cross-platform so you are not locked into one OS should you decide to switch.
Modern language design: XOJO wins here
Executable size: PowerBasic if it really matters.
IDE: I still hate it but XOJO wins here.
Company stability: XOJO followed by PureBasic. PowerBasic is still recovering from the loss of their founder and is having troubles at this time.

In the end, all of the options you listed will be a learning curve coming from Access but I feel XOJO will be the easiest to get results from.

Sounds exactly like me, at least when I first started using Xojo (RealBasic). I still use MS Access for some projects but I also use Xojo. At first, I thought it would take me longer to develop with Xojo since I had to code a lot of things that Access does automatically. But, I have found that most tasks in Xojo surprise me and I end up getting done in about the same time it would take with Access. You have much more power in Xojo to make the UI do exactly what you want. I have done some pretty sophisticated UI’s with Access and it takes a lot of effort (hacks) to make Access do things that it is not made to do. Xojo has so many helpful things that are easier to use than Access. Examples would be networking, encryption, container control, canvas control, email classes, threads, etc.

I had an Access application that processed PDF files. It worked fine but took about 6 hours to run. I re-wrote it in Xojo and I launch 8 Xojo console apps simultaneously, which allows all cores on the CPU to fire up. This particular process runs in about 10 minutes now. There are also some nice plugins libraries that cost a little money but will save some time.

I would say that I am a better Access developer now that I have embraced object oriented programming with Xojo. I find myself getting frustrated with limitations in Access with regards to the object model. I would highly suggest that you study object oriented programming. It changed my whole outlook and makes coding more fun.

One more thing… When working with Access, it is incredibly productive to have all of your tables right there to view, design right along with your VBA code. You dont have that in Xojo. But, I just open Access and link it to all of my tables (from Postgre or MySQL) and just use Access to manipulate and view the data while I am coding in Xojo. If you want to keep your tables in MS Access format, you can do that (there is a book about it, but I forgot the name…search this forum). But, I have found that SQLite is a little easier to work with overall when programming with Xojo.

You are correct, Tim (and Karen). The free IDE is like a Xojo Pro license, all the features of Xojo, with the exception of being able to compile - you need a license for that!

The other exception is saving to version-control format, yes? Or has that been changed?

No you need a license for that as well

I have licenses for both Xojo and PureBasic, imo both are very good. Between these two options if you were writing a game I’d recommend PureBasic, for a database project I’d definitely go with Xojo.

The thing you’re going to find a pita is reports.

Hi Maurizio,

Another amazing thing about Xojo is its community, and specifically this forum. Most of the people are very helpful and patient here.

On this thread, you got two replies from two Xojo staff members, and they weren’t trying to sell their product but to clarify some points that were not clear.

I can’t compare this to the purebasic or powerbasic communities, but this one is great for sure.

Also, I would advice to keep asking in English instead of Italian (if that’s your native language) because the number of people that will be thinking about your problem and trying to help will be much larger

I’ll confess I do not read or write another language so any attempts by me to use many of the non-English forums would be a bad experience for me & the poster