Why there is no command line compiler

It would be great to have a command line compiler combined with the ability to have an alternative IDE. BEcause there is noch change in the IDE under Linux it could be a nice way to have an alternative IDE. Could this be possible, a xojo command line compiler for compiling text format xojo programs?

this is an old feedback from 2008
but as it is ranked 4th it should be made in a (near) futur ?

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As we’ve said before, the Top Cases list is used to help us understand what user priorities are, but they are not the only factor in that decision. So just because a case is in the top 5, does not mean that it’s being worked on.


That may be but it is still a users which because that makes using of another ide free Sibirien could become a big enhancement for the customers. An IDE like jetbrains ide would help to rnhance the xojo world

Assuming they want to implement the GUI stuff, seriously I see higher priorities than this.

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As we have shown before, an app can work as both GUI and console: Console and GUI in one project

And this could be something where one engineer could work on in parallel to other engineers doing Web, iOS or Android work.

I would expect that within a few hours, code could be added to Xojo’s app class to detect command line parameters, parse them and do the action like opening a project, building it and quit the app.

Xojo has system.commandline which accepts parameters to desktop applications.

I use it for Custom uri schemes on all destkop platforms


Our ArgumentsMBS function is better, I think.

Xojo won’t use plugins…

They quickly can program this themselves. The tip is for everyone else trying it.

The entire Point is that the Implementation of a generalUI class and the later routing to the platform UI classes would not be this big act. With the ability of a new IDE xojo could also get rid off a big bunch of errors coming up with the history of development of the old IDE.
Beside this there would automaticaly the possibility to have a faster und less complex cleaning up when there is a bug to fix.

It is only my experience with IDE development and compiler Development. Meabe I am totally wrong but my experience tells me that there is a way and there is a possible targeting. LLVM is flexible enough to deliver what we need for it.

And the IDE can builded up like normal modern IDE. There are old Ideas which mybe where good before years. Like Property-Management. But it is much faster if we would be more flexible in it. That’s why I am asking this.

Especially because there are more important features and Bugs have to be realized / fixed it is woth to think about because it would be the chance to have an API3 where Syntax and UI Elements and Functions working the same over the entire platform.

I have started using VS Code against the text files for my edit sessions - edit, save, revert in Xojo, test, … You need to get used to what you should and shouldn’t edit, but once you get that sorted in your muscle memory, it’s saved me many hours of frustration lately.

That’s one reason why at this time I am only doing maintenance for existing web projects and not developing new ones. It is heavy at the moment but at the end well we will have silence…desktop projects are not in my focus for xojo at the moment that’s why I spoke about intellijidea cause I am developing with it. Xojo is a wonderful concept.