Why the Indicator is ignored for Default and Cancel buttons?

Why the limitation?

Let’s say a client wants to have the Secondary indicator for Cancel button. I will need to create a bootstrap theme just for this change when it is easier to select the indicator I need.

It was a design choice. You can always file a feature request if you think it should behave differently.

66365 - Allow other Button Indicators for Default and Cancel

you can make your own websdkcontrol.
for just a button it’s quite easy.

I really need to take a look at how to make my own websdkcontrol.

Do you know any samples/documents/blog posts outside of what is included with Xojo?

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another idea
by using a normal button,
and executing a javascript on it with “.type=‘submit’” for the default button
and ".type=‘cancel’ for the cancel button
this could do what you want with a simple subclass of a webbutton